AA Charger & Batteries – Which One to Buy

The necessity of batteries is evident in today’s world. However, with little knowledge of the kinds of batteries we utilize, it is often the case that our consumer choices weaken our capacity to optimally use the appliance. Most consumers today use the AA battery. This battery constitutes a single electrochemical cell and one can judge the terminal voltage and the capacity of a battery by referring to its composition.

One way to make sure that you buy the appropriate AA battery charger is to flip through and scrutinize its various characteristics. This will include: time taken for full battery charge, simultaneous charging of two batteries, voltage range, safety timer and overheat detection. With regard to the design, make sure you take into consideration the battery type, the presence of a protective case, LED light and Car charger.

Alpha Power Battery Charger

Alpha Power Battery Charger

The warranty and after-sale service also hold vital importance. Alpha Power Battery Charger, at the rate of $47.15 can simultaneously charge AA and AAA battery with the inclusion of over 16 batteries. 100-240 Voltage is accompanied with the availability of Voltage Monitoring function, 1 year warranty and LCD Screen. The design includes the battery type of NiMH and NiCd. You can also consider Sony Quick Charger and Wizard One Charger-Analyzer which of close competitors of the Alpha box. Continue reading AA Charger & Batteries – Which One to Buy

MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger-Analyzer

Designed and created by Maha, the MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger and Analyzer are nowadays competing with its branded counterparts like LaCrosse BC- 900 Alpha Power Battery Charger. It is just now shipping to the major outlets and retail stores worldwide.

If we compare MH C9000 WizardOne with the LaCrosse 900 battery charger then both of them are based on contemporary technology and performing amazingly. Though, MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger and Analyzer is a tad more user friendly in terms of its navigation and overall functionality.

MH-C9000 WizardOne

MH-C9000 WizardOne

Just like its counterparts, MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger and Analyzer is compatible with standard size NiMH and NiCd batteries (AA and AAA). Moreover, it can perform some major functions like battery charging, battery matching and measurement of the discharge capacity while independently operating each battery slot.

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Eneloop from Sanyo – First on It’s Kind

Carrying the advantages of both, rechargeable as well as disposable batteries are Sanyo Eneloops. For the first time in battery history a miracle like this occurred and revolutionized the entire domain along with the consumer’s perspective towards batteries. Sanyo, the worldwide leader of batteries launched its miraculous eneloops in the European market in 2006 and since then, Sanyo eneloops are deemed as the king of batteries.

Sanyo Eneloop - LSD Battery

Sanyo Eneloop - LSD Battery

Eneloop by Sanyo is best rechargeable batteries available in market, According to company these can be recharged and used upto 2000 times, and what more promising feature of Eneloop is capacity to held the charge, that is it is the Low Self discharge battery. In fact sanyo Eneloop was first Battery launched in market which is LSD. Before this only Acid base batteries were known to have this function.

Today most of the professionals who use rechargeable batteries extensively go with one and only Eneloop, be it Professional photographers or anybody else. Sanyo Eneloop is a brand name which stands out of others.

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Ansmann Energy 4 Battery Charger – With Automatic Refresh

Ansmann energy battery charger is one of the most professional battery chargers being used worldwide which is capable of charging 4xAAA batteries or AA batteries, while its compact plug in design adds an extra dimension to its portability.

This fast controller charger can charge between 1 and 4 AA or AAA chargeable batteries, consisting of adjustable modes between fast charge and standard charge. It automatically detects and diagnoses the cell capacity and accordingly adjusts the best charging programme.

Ansmann Energy 4 Battery Charger

Ansmann Energy 4 Battery Charger

It also consist a recharge programme with automatic switch over to safe tickle charger that can be used to maintain full charge without over charging the battery. It will also help in maintaining the long life of the batteries. With variety of adapter the charger can be used across all the European countries, the US, Japan and Australia that makes a traveller satisfied.

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